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Updates, News & Additions:

Sounds:  Blew It Again - Nowhere To Here, Graveyard - Tremolo

Forum: Chat room added, message boards linked.

Guestbook: in progress.

Links: updated.

Site interface: new start page.

Om Sai Ram.  Greetings patrons of curiosity.  Welcome to The Blue Rodeo Supplement.  First off I would like to apologize for the pop up window. Indeed it serves as a testament to the fact that

nothing in life is free.  The Blue Rodeo Supplement is meant to serve as a digest of all things that involve Blue Rodeo (a.k.a. a fan page / forum).  Still in its infancy, I'm hoping that with your contributions of anecdotes, pictures, and comments this site can  grow to be the second stop on the Blue Rodeo web journey (the one right after the official site).

This page is constantly being rewritten.  Check the 'Updates, News & Additions' section above for a current summery of changes.  The birth of this site has accompanied the creation of

Things you wont find here:

In-depth profiles of band members     

(birthdays, first wives, missing teeth),

illegal recordings of Blue Rodeo music,

an outlet for Blue Rodeo band

merchandise, a pipeline for forwarding

fan mail.

other such sites.  Take a look in the links section to see what others have to offer.  Web authors of non-Blue Rodeo content, wishing to link their site to this one are welcome to. I have made a simple standard size banner to use if you like: view it, then download it here.  Oh by the way, what did you think of the start page.  I am experimenting with different start pages, some with java script, some with animated gifs.  Not too comlex but enough though, that visitors will hopefully spend the extra 30 seconds to wait for it to load.  Finally, neither this site, its host, nor the proprietor have any affiliation with the official Blue Rodeo site or Blue Rodeo Productions.

I have neither a copyright to this work, nor a desire to infringe on anyone elses.  If there is a problem with what I am doing, let me know.

LAST  UPDATE: October 7, 1998