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Do you have Blue Rodeo related site?  Send it in here and I will add it to this page.

Is there a favorite BR song quote of yours that you would like to see on the banner of this page? Let me know.

Official Sites:

The Official Blue Rodeo Site -

The showcase for all things blue - 'Blue 101' if you will.  If you havn't already been there, leave here now.

The Warner Music BR Site -

A short biography and some audio clips from their newest CD, Tremolo.

Fan Pages:

A Blue Rodeo Fan Page -

Pictures, sounds and a smorgasbord of information relating to present and past member projects, trivia, quotes, and yes - even BR inspired art work.

The Outskirts -

A very informative site.  From what I can tell, it contains hard to find information on the band (information that manages to elude people like me).  Notable sections: parodies of selected BR songs, a BR message board, and an online survey.

Blue Rodeo: On the Outskirts  -

Great site. A neat format:  information is arranged in Blue Rodeo 'eras' corresponding to their different albums.  Still under some pretty heavy construction.

Message Boards:

The Blue Rodeo Message Board

This is the main BR message board.

The Outskirts Message Board

This may or may not be a temporary message board but  anyway, it is up and running.

A BR newsgroup.

Chat Rooms: (must have java enabled browser : 3.0 +)

The Blue Rodeo Supplement Chat Room:

A local feature of this site.  Tthere probably isn't anyone here right now... or later....

The Underground Chat Room

Another chat room.  You'll have a better chance of finding someone here.