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About the Author & Page

Hmm... The part of the site that no one bothers to read.  My name is Sumit.  I like Blue Rodeo.  Im a university student who really shouldn't have time for something like this.  I am a single attractive male who likes long walks in the park....... hmm, not interested eh?

As mentioned on the start page, this site is meant to be a collective effort to entice would-be fans into learning more about our favorite band.  I'm counting on you to contribute as much as you can.  A few notes about the page layout.  Since this is my first web page endeavor, I have opted for a simple, clean look.  The simple text is meant to accent the white backdrop.  I have tried to design it so that it looks good in 800 x 600 resolution but the over all effect is not lost in 600 x 400 mode.  I was tempted to use Java - rollovers and such, but in the final analysis, I stuck with a format that most viewers could enjoy.  The average user - 28.8 kbps, Browser 3.0, 600 x 400 screen resolution - should lose nothing in the translation.  I have attempted to contact other web authors, and newsgroups to gather information and precious 0's and 1's (images, sounds, articles) so that this site will have a nice well rounded appearance.  So in conclusion, stick around, check back often for updates and tell your friends to visit,

and who knows - maybe the guys will stop by and pay us a visit too.

This site was created using Net Objects Fusion 3.0 on a Cyrix P200,  with 64M ram and alot of patience.